Harley Davidson is the oldest surviving cruiser maker. It is also an iconic brand image for the cruiser segment.

Cruiser is a type of motorcycle invented in the United States of America. Cruiser puts its emphasize on riding comfort rather than handling.

Riding PositionEdit

The riding position of cruisers are intended for a more relaxing ergonomics, resulting a better comfort for long journey. Up-right handlebars, low seating position, and rider feets on the toward position are always been the trademark of cruiser bikes. This design sacrafices handling and performance.

Many "power cruisers" and Japanese cruisers of the 1980s have featured more neutral riding positions.

Cruisers outfitted with luggage for touring are sometimes called baggers.

Honda Shadow super-bike

This Honda Phantom features a rather more "neutral" riding position compared to conventional cruisers.


  • Chopper -Choppers are either modified bikes or custom bikes made from scratch. One of the main features of chopper bikes is the strecthed front end, or in other words, increased rake angle.The 'Captain America' and 'Billy Bikes' are among the most well known chopper bikes.

    Captain America, a famous chopper bike.

  • Power Cruiser-This term is not universally approved. Power cruisers are cruiser bikes in which features a more sporty dynamics.


In the United States servicemen returning from World War II were looking for a thrill. Many veterans had been trained to work on automobiles and motorcycles and were looking to add a little excitement to their post-war lives with their newly acquired mechanical skills. Motorcycles and Hot Rod cars were the perfect hobby for them. Motorcyclists bought up surplus military bikes and removed all the unnecessary parts such as windshields and saddlebags to minimise weight. Rear fenders were "bobbed" or shortened just enough to handle a passenger and keep the rain and mud coming off the rear, and sometimes removed the mirrors, or replaced them with tiny ones, such as the type used by dentists in their work.

This type of home customization led to the rise of the bobber. Then in the 60s, motorcyclists found that a longer front end allowed the bike to run smoother at faster speeds. The degree of neck rake and length of front end was modified on these bikes with this in mind. The Girder and Springer front ends were the most popular forks for extending in this fashion, although this does make the bike harder to handle at slower speeds. Nevertheless, some choppers have extremely long forks; as one biker said, "You couldn't turn very good but you sure looked good doing it."

To build or chop a traditional chopper an unmodified factory bike is used (usually a rigid Harley Davidson) and everything unnecessary to either move or stop is stripped or chopped off. Then the engine and transmission are removed and the frame is cut up and welded back together to make it lower and lighter. Performance parts are added or modified to increase speed.