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Doc Hudson




Doc Hudson is the wise, quiet country doctor who runs Radiator Springs' medical clinic. Before slowing down in Radiator Springs, he was the Fabulous Hudson Hornet.

Doc Hudson (voiced by Corey Burton) is the secondary tritagonist of the Cars series. He is the judge and doctor of Radiator Springs, as well as a former race car. Doc is portrayed as a grumpy old man who wants to leave his racing career behind, and stay out of the public line. Doc enjoys peace and quiet, and often isolates himself from the other Radiator Springs residents, instead choosing to stay inside of his clinic and garage. Doc is painted dark blue, and is based off of the real 1951 Hudson Hornet. Doc's license plate reads "51HHMD", which references to his racing number, 51, his model, the Hudson Hornet, and profession, which is a medical doctor. Doc's racing number, 51, is a reference to the first year of the Hudson Hornet's movement, 1951.

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