Jeremy McGrath
Date of birth November 19th, 1971
Famous awards/medals "King of Supercross"
Career wins 72
Career Championships 7
"I've played in the desert on two wheels, but I've never done any off-road racing"
—Jeremy McGrath [src]

Jeremy McGrath (born November 19, 1971 in San Francisco, California) is a Supercross racer and has won a record 72 Supercross Main Event wins and captured 7 Supercross Championships between 1993 to 2001. He is known to many as the greatest Supercross racer of all time. He is often referred to as "Showtime" or "The King" meaning, the King of Supercross. He has won one Motocross Championship, although he is known to have been a much more proficient Supercross racer. In 2003, he retired after losing the championship two years in a row to Ricky Carmichael. In 2005, he returned to racing, participating in a limited number of races. He has not actually announced his retirement from racing again, but he did not race at all in the 2007 Supercross series.

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