The Kawasaki Z1 (Also called Z900, 900 Z1, an 900 S4) is a standard motorcycle introduced in 1972. Following Kawasaki's tradition in breaking world record, it was the most powerful Japanese 4-cylinder 4-stroke ever built.


A 1972 Kawasaki Z1 in original condition.


It was secretly developed under the code name 'New York Steak'. The aim was to revolutionize production bike's capability in achieving higher top speed.  It produced 82 bhp and had a maximum speed of 130 mph (210 km/hr).

1975 UpdateEdit

Changes include power output, improved suspension, a stiffer frame, deleted automatic chain oiler, revised styling (essentially paint scheme and side cover nomenclature), and improved braking. 


In 1976, it was replacd by the KZ900, but it only lasted for one year, which was replaced again by the 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000/Z1000. 


The 1991 Kawasaki Zephyr series copied a lot of the design of the first naked Z1, as did with the Kawasaki Z1000 in 2003. It received updates in 2007 and a major redesign in 2010. The Z1 was awarded the MCN 'Machine of the Year' accolade for four years running between 1973 to 1976 (an award resulting from a readers' opinion-poll run by UK weekly publication Motorcycle News.).

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