Mego was a Greek light vehicle manufacturer, based in Trikala. It started business in 1947 producing 3-wheel utility bicycles to be followed in 1950 by motorized three-wheel utility vehicles with 50-100cc engines and an unconventional layout (the single wheel placed in the back). First brand name used was Nigo, after the name of Nikos Gorgolis, the company founder. In 1962 it reached an agreement with MEBEA to jointly produce "conventional" light three-wheeler trucks and was renamed Mego (from MEBEA and Gorgolis); this agreement ended in 1968. Mego has designed and built a large number of 50cc moped and motorcycle types and light 50cc three-wheeler trucks, using mainly Sachs engines, as well as bicycles. An 125cc motorcycle model was also produced. Its moped and motorcycle models, featuring innovative designs, included the 50S series, the EK, the Libra, the Viva and the particularly innovative GP50 Carrera. Its products were fairly popular on Greece with exports also made, mostly to Italy and Holland. The company faced problems in the late 1980s, mainly due to competition by used imports. Production ceased in 1992 and the company, renamed Gorgolis S.A. became an importer and distributor of motorcycles.

Since 1992 the company branched in a new venture, creating subsidiaries in Japan, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and China, marketing and selling motorcycles. The brand Nipponia was established (as a reference to Japanese-style excellence) for a series of Greek-designed, Chinese-built motorcycles sold in several countries. A world headquarters of Nipponia was subsequently established in Athens responsible for design, engineering, marketing and quality control for motorcycles built in Shanghai, China. Its latest range is designed by Sotiris Kovos (designer of the Toyota Yaris and other Toyota models) and currently marketed in Europe.