350 XC F 90

KTM is a manufacturer famous for its off road motorcycles.

Off road motorcycles (Also called dirt bikes) are motorcycles that are designed for off road performance. 


To allow a better flexibility around pavements, off road bikes feature a high ground clearance. Their weight is usually light for better off road performance. The suspension is relatively longer and softer than other types of bikes for better ride quality. They often feature tires designed for off road use. They also have minimum body panels to prevent any necessary damage.

Kawasaki-2014-kx-100-and-kx-85-test-ride-2 gallery full

A demonstration of an off road use.


Off road bikes are primarily used for traveling off the road. In some cases, off road bikes are the suitable choice for doing stunt performances due to their flexibility. 


A bike stunt using off road bike.

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