Big Bore Kits and Nickel Silicon Carbide Plating

Big Bore Kits and Nickel Silicon Carbide Plating

Revolution Performance video explaining plated big bore cylinder kits.


Revolution Big Bore Kit

Revolution Performance is a cylinder and piston kit manufacturer operating out of Plymouth,WI that provides big bore kits to Harley Davidson applications. They also specialize in service work such as cylinder head porting and crankshaft repair. Revolution is a subdivision of Millennium Technologies,LLC.

Big Bore KitsEdit

Revolution Performance operates in the same facility as Millennium Technologies,LLC and provides the same Nickel Silicon Carbide plating services to Harley Davidson/V-Twin applications. They manufacturer cylinders and pistons for Twin Cam, Evolution, and XL/Sportster models.

Service WorkEdit

Revolution Performance also specializes in machine shop services including cylinder head repair and crankshaft balancing. They also manufacture and service their own tuner system, the Precision EMS Tuner.

Repaired crankshaft from Revolution Performance.

Revolution Performance can be found on the web at: