Honda CB 600 F Hornet

A typical standard motorcycle.

Standard motorcycle is a type of motorcycle that features a fuel cap infront of the rider. Compared to a sportsbike, standard bikes are designed to be more comfortable, featuring a more passive power distribution, as well as a more upright riding position for better ergonomic and comfort.


In developing Asian countries, standard bike is an ideal choice for those who want a superior stability and traction compared to scooters, mopeds, and underbone bikes. Compared to sportsbikes, standard motorcycles feature a more neutral riding position, suitable for better long journey comfort. The engine setting is also softer than its sportsbike counterparts, making it an ideal bike for daily use. It is also smaller and lighter than a touring bike, which gives an advantage in the crowded traffics of developing Asian countries. 

650.983 00 01 2

Suitable for long journey, standard bikes are often equipped with storage places by their owners.


It is unkown who invented the term. It is believed that the earlier motorcycles are considered standards as they feature fuel tank right infront of the rider and its lacking of sporty emphasize.

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