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Strip Weathers


Strip "The King" Weathers




Strip Weathers, also known as The King, is a seven-time Piston Cup champion. He's the winningest race car in all of Piston Cup history.

Strip "The King" Weathers (voiced by Richard Petty) is a 1970 Plymouth Superbird. He was the Dinoco racer, before retiring in 2005. He is a seven-time champion of the Piston Cup and a veteran racer. The King is kind and caring about others. He is also an honorable racer and would never resort to cheating. The King is painted blue, and wears the number 43. The Superbird was a heavily modified version of the Plymouth Road Runner, specifically designed for stock car racing. Its radical design was later banned by NASCAR. The King features slightly bigger wheels and a shortened wheelbase.

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