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Honda Goldwing is one of the most iconic touring motorcycles.

Touring motorcycle is a type of motorcycle made for long journey comfort. The term  itself is specified by manufacturers towards certain models.


One of the signature features of a touring motorcycle is the relatively large body size, which gives a spacious room for the rider and passenger. Its tall riding position is made to give space for the legroom. The seats are sculptured to be comfortable and ergonomic for both the rider and passenger. Touring bikes often feature storage places for a long journey. The tall windshield is made to keep rider and passenger from getting exposed by the wind. Some touring bikes feature luxuries such as radio and air conditioner.

Sub TypesEdit

There are different variations of touring motorcycles. These are the list of known variations of touring bikes :

  • Adventure Touring - Featuring high ground clearance for off road capabilitiy, as well as smaller, lighter body for better off road performance. 
    KTM 990 Adventure EFI 1024x768 c17

    KTM 990 Adventure, one of the few adventure bikes.

  • Sport Tourers - A touring bike with a more frontward riding position for better handling balance. Engine setting could be sportier than a conventional touring bike, depending on the model. The overall design is made for better handling.

2007 1215 170136

Honda ST130, an example of a sport touring.

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